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Scanner that can see through clothes testing at Ph

Scanner that can see through clothes testing at Phoenix airport

PHOENIX (AP) An X-ray security scanner that can see through clothing was put into its first operational use Friday at Sky Harbor International Airport and could be rolled out to two other major airports by year's end.

The so-called "backscatter" technology has been controversial, with critics saying the high-resolution images are too invasive. But the Transportation Security Administration adjusted the machine's images so the normally graphic pictures can be blurred in certain areas while still being effective at detecting concealed weapons or other threats.

Passengers selected for secondary screening by the device are asked to stand in set spots in front of the closet-sized X-ray unit with hands palms out, then turn around for a second screening from the back,peak performance heli. The entire operation takes about a minute,peak performance.

The machine will be tested for up to 90 days at a single checkpoint at Sky Harbor's largest terminal, which hosts US Airways and Southwest Airlines, two of the airlines with the most flights in and out of Phoenix,piumino donna 2011. The technology could be left in place after the trial period,peutrey, and Melendez said the agency hopes to also roll out the technology at Los Angeles International Airport and New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport by year's end.

During the pilot program, the machine will be used only as a secondary screening measure; passengers who fail the standard screening process will be able to choose between the new device or a typical pat-down search.

"It's 100% voluntary, so if the passenger doesn't feel comfortable with it the passenger doesn't have to go through it," Melendez said.

Kristen Rodgers, 22, of Little Rock, who didn't go through the screening, said it could be better than a patdown,Acheter Lunette Oakley.

"It's like going to the doctor," Rodgers said. "If you tell yourself they have to look at that all day long it makes yourself feel better. If it's just for security, just for 45 seconds, I think it would be worth catching somebody with something harmful."

Frequent traveler Tom Pendergast,piumini 2011 2012, 51, of Providence, said all the security measures at airports now have made traveling less fun,outlet online moncler. As for the new X-ray, he said: "I think it's an invasion of my personal privacy." Pendergast did not undergo the screening.

Melendez declined to discuss the TSA's method for determining which passengers are selected for secondary screening.

The TSA said that the security officer who works with the passenger going through the screening will never see the image the machine produces,giubbotto piuma d oca. The images will be viewed by another officer who will be about 50 feet away and won't see the passenger,moncler roma.

The machine can't store the image or transmit them. "Once we're done screening the passenger, the image is gone forever," Melendez said.

The device being used at Sky Harbor costs about $100,000 but is being loaned free from the manufacturer,vestiti parajumpers, AS of Boston, said Melendez.

Melendez said the TSA is confident in the technology's safety and efficiency.

He said a person who goes through the process will receive about the same amount of radiation as a person flying for two minutes at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

Rep,piumini uomo moncler. Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz., viewed the machine in use at the airport Friday and said privacy concerns have been addressed because the screening is voluntary.Related articles:
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Military Tactical Clothing

Military Tactical Clothing

Tactical clothing should be designed to protect your body from injury, while still allowing persons to move fast which may comprise of a lot of running and jumping,Abercrombie Doudoune. Tactical clothing can be either one section of clothing or an entire suit ranging from boots, pants, vest and headwear. All your tactical clothing clothes should fit you properly while providing you with the flexibility of being mobile.

One of the more susceptible sections of your body is your chest and torso area. Most military units have various sets of tactical shirts and vest,lunette oakley motocross, created specifically for their field of operation which are sometimes interchanged to the according to the intensity of their mission. Tactical shirts are either manufactured to be thin and lightweight or thick and insulated and each can be put on depending on what the purpose of the mission might and the type of environment you will be working in. More likely if you are in a very hot environment then the climate conditions would require you to wear thin and lightweight clothing that shields you from the harshness sun but at the same time keeps you cool and allow you to move faster. In colder environments the opposite would apply,moncler neonato, thicker and insulated clothing would be ideal, especially when you are required to take around a lot of equipments with you on your mission. Most of these shirts are usually mnufactured with hidden pockets to store additional items from external view,Abercrombie Boutique. It is also essential that your tactical shirt is comfortable,peuterey prix, if a person is uncomfortable wearing it, this may create problems during times of travel.

In general most tactical pants are created with plenty pockets, both hidden and visible,peak performance discount. They should be able to be worn in any weather condition which is why they are made waterproof to help an individual in situation when they are operating in a wet and cold environment. These pants should also be made with a tie shut at the ankle which when closed is able to trap heat inside for your own protection,Chaussure de foot pas cher. Keep in mind, that whoever puts on these, tactical clothing should always feel a sense of comfort since most likely they will be wearing them for long periods at a time. In this case,Burberry Sac pas cher, men and women usually require different size pants, women require pants that are wider at the hips, while men wear pants that are more straight. Some of these tactical pants are even made adjustable by using zippers and adjustable straps,duvetica online.

Apart from the regular tactical clothing,parajumpers outlet, that includes shirt and pants there also additional jackets and vest that can be worn over these garments to add an additional barrier of protection,moncler on line. There are also supplies made such as groin guards to protect the groin area and helmets used to shield the head from blows, these gears are not often used but in some instances they may also become a necessity.Related articles:
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