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What washing machine settings are best to keep you

What washing machine settings are best to keep your clothes looking like new

I always use the gentle cycle for clothing. Cold for darks, and barely warm for lights. I also always wash my denim inside out to help keep it from fading and my reds separate from everything else -- you can throw any black clothing you've dirtied in with the reds if the load is especially small.

Also always dry clothing on the low setting and take jeans out once they're almost-but-not-quite dry. Drying on low helps to prevent shrinking and stretching,parajumpers doudoune scott.

I've found that the best way to wash clothes without them fading, shrinking, etc,Pull Abercrombie. is to wash them in cold water. The brand Method detergent also works very well at not destroying clothes. However, I've found that not putting clothes in the dryer is the best way to keep them like new. Let everything drip dry, making sure to not make "points" in shirt shoulders by draping them over things (chairs, clotheslines, etc) instead of putting them on hangers wet. Once the clothing is dry,parajumpers italia, putting it in the dryer to fluff it a bit is fine. Good luck!Related articles:
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Hmong Celebrate New Year

Hmong Celebrate New Year

WHILE THOUSANDS OF MINNESOTANS woke Friday morning with plans to start their Christmas shopping, thousands of Minnesota's Hmong population donned traditional outfits to begin the traditional celebration of the New Year.

The costumes feature a kaleidoscope of colors, from hot pink to deep blue,sac longchamps. The traditional outfits also include chains around the wearers' waists. The chains ring with even the slightest movement. Leaders in the Hmong community say the New Year's celebration is the biggest event in their culture,moncler prezzi.

Thomas Yang, chairman of the Saint Paul New Year celebration, says while many come for the traditional costumes, dances and food, for others the celebration is time for courtship.

"It has been celebrated for thousands and thousands of years and it's still practiced today even in America and Hmong people are very interested in bringing their children together to gathering and finding a daughter-in-law or son-in-law," he says,A&F.

With traditional music and dancing in the background, hundreds of Hmong teenagers take part in a traditional courtship ceremony. During the ceremony, young men and and women line up and face each other. The line of women giggle at each other as they toss a tennis ball-sized object to the line of young men just a few feet away. The hope is the ball toss will become an icebreaker between the young men and women.

The ritual worked for Toua Yang and Chue Lor, who courted Kay and Nallie Thao. Kay and Toua say the courtship ceremony is a good way to meet other people their age.

"It's like a mixer. You go up to see whoever you like and go up to them and talk to them and if they want to actually converse, then you start throwing the ball and hopefully get something further than that," Yang says.

Hmong families often spend a year or so to make the traditional costumes. Learning the traditional songs and dances also takes time. The four teenagers are dressed in traditional garb and say their parents continue to stress the Hmong culture to them.

Toua Yang says many people his age are struggling to maintain the traditional customs with their modern lives in the United States.

"Some of the kids and teenagers around here wear American clothes. Usually you wear a fancy suit or Hmong clothing and most kids or some kids wear casual or regular day clothes and that really puts a damper on the event and the whole meaning of the New Year," Yang says.Related articles:
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